ok...i've been success full in installing linux (alone)on my laptop...currently i have windows 2k on my laptop.
my question is: how can i dual bood my laptop to run both linux and win2k...
i tried installing linux while having win2k as my OS but for some reason it just froze in the beginning...ne help will be appreciatied!!!
the specs of my laptop are: Toshiba Satellite, 2.4 ghz, 40 gigs, 512 megs of ram, no floppy.
* the red hat linux version that i was trying to install was 8.0
if any one does know plz guide me with steps!!!

I may be too basic here.
Here's what needs to be done. First shrink your Win2K drive. Have something like 10GB space free for linux. You can use partition magic for this.
After this boot your laptop with the Redhat CD.
Follow the instructions. Use free space to install.
Install Lilo / Grub on your MBR it would automatically detect the M$ Windoze paritition and add it.

Boot and you'll have both Win and Linux ... :-D

I hope that helped.



I agree with Amar. It is not a laptop problem... it is a boot partition/management issue, and yes, have Windoze [sic] installed first, before adding RedHat. Also, make the boot disk under RedHat because if something goes funny, your rescue disk will get you into the linux environment (unless you have hard drive errors!) and you can work with the computer from there.


You should also check the Hardware Compatibility List on Red Hat's support site. While your model of lappy will certainly run Linux, RH 8.0 is a bit old, and there might be some "gotchas" with your hardware and that particular version.

Red Hat also is no longer supporting that version, so a newer distro is probably the way to go.