I would like to make a custom debian Install CD
i want this as i will soon be installing debian on a large amount of PC'S with no internet access. i would like to install debian with a specific package selection and certain default settings as well as the latest patches. Is there a tool to do this in debian?

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you can install debian on one pc with all the packages and programs you want. then you can create an image of the hard drive and using a ghost server you can copy that image on all the computers you want.


Maybe this will fit your needs better:


Personally I have not done it with Debian-based distro yet, but I've had experience using RPM-based distros, and I got to a point where I can just pop in the CD, reboot, and it will go out on the network, find the server where all the RPMs (some custom in-house RPMs as well), download/install them, and bring up a new, clean machine.

I am sure you can do the same thing with Debian, I just haven't tried it myself.




jbennet I was reading this thread and i wondered how you made out. Did you get a debian cd re-mastered?
I have heard of guys using bootcd.
Build an image of your running Debian System with the command bootcdwrite.
Or cdbootstrap. cdebootstrap is used to create a Debian base system from scratch.



tried ibuild but didnt like it so i did it the hard way using the livecd scripts, not too hard actually if you read the manuals

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