Hi, recently i have changed my graphics cards from 2 7800gtx's to 2 7900gt's (this was due to 1 7800 braking then xfx sending me 2 new 7900's as replacements.) My computer runs fine when i only have 1 7900gt enabled however when i go to enable it from the nvidia options the screen goes black then after about 2 minutes it restarts itself then ends up in an infinite loop as it gets the the windows start-up screen on the reboot then reboots, again and again at this same stage. The only way i can get out of this loop is to run the computer in safe mode then disable sli so that i am inly using 1 7900gt again, at this stage it works properly again, booting fine etc.. I know that my problem lies with enabling sli however i do not know how to solve this as i do need to use sli. I have tried to reinstall the drivers 3 times but every time the same error occurs when i enable SLI. If you have any ideas on how i can solve this/fix it it would be much appreciated :cheesy:


Which drivers are you currently using? Several of the new nvidia drivers have been generating errors on both windows and linux lately.