I have made a Image folder in my c:/program files/apache group/apache2.I don't want to put all of my images in the "htdocs" folder.
my images come up if i place the image in the "htdocs folder" but will not come up if i place them in the Image folder that I made.
I have tried
<img src="c:/program files/apache group/apache2/images/man.jpg">
nothing showes up except for the red X
I also have made a "public"folder that I would like to put all my html pages in for this site.
would like some help

Hmmm... I think you need virtual hosts to make the seperate folders public - you can't simple refer in the HTML code to private files that exist on your server. After all, how is everyone supposed to see it? ;)

joe. I thought Virtualhost was for hosting more than 1 webSite.I thought that I had read somewhere that you can make a new folder or folders and just use the "DocumentRoot or Directory" PATHS somehow.
Im use to useing a C-PANNEL and file mannager,from a hosting company.also in apache I cant find or figure out how to change permissions,Didn't need to yet.
For VirHost would this be right
ServerAdmin=my email address
servername=I think this is my "hostname from DYNDNS"
errorLog = same as "hostname"
customlog =same as "hostname"
Lost on the Documentroot one for sure.
Any help on this one would be good.
I know [think] that i can put ALL the files and images in "htdocs"