hi all,
now a days i am facing a severe problem in my website.it is due to my web hosting provider.because now they changed the php as cgi module(I think),so the php_value include_path in .htaccess file is not working now.Before changing the php as cgi module it worked well.If I will enable the php_value include_path :/home/username/public_html/includes in .htaccess the server says internal server error(500).
So I removed the .htaccess file and I placed a php.ini under /home/username/public_html/ path.Also I have added a line include_path = .:/usr/local/lib/php.:/home/username/public_html/includes(this is my actual include path all over the site) in php.ini.

Now the main issue is the include path is working well for only php files under /home/username/public_html/ (like index.php,disclaimer.php..).It is not working for /home/username/public_html/anyfolder..
To check please click the following links..
http://www.webmaster-directory.net/index.php (include files working)
http://www.webmaster-directory.net/free-cms/ (include files not working)
for your reference the following link is my phpinfo()..
I don't know how to resolve this error ..if anybody faced this problem already or anyone who knows how to resolve this problem please share it.
thnks in advance... [IMG]http://www.ozzu.com/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/IMG]