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Ok, questions...

I finally found a new hosting company that I want to sign up with & now there seems to be problems with them understanding what I need.

On my current hosting company I can store my manuals & SSL one level up from my root: /exoticpublishing.com That's also where the log files are. When I asked if this was going to be a problem, first I was told I can't do it b/c it's shared hosting & then when I asked to speak to the techi, he wrote something back I didn't understand at all...

"Yeah ... ok .. I am not sure what the problem is? Her home directory is
something like /hsphere/local/home/USERNAME/

This directory is not "published", if you will, in the web server, it is
for all intense and purposes 'private' .. the web folders start at the
site name. So if you are looking to store your private stuff off the
web .. then just don't put it in one of the web directories, if you mean
you want it outside your FTP folder .. well that would be tough cause
you would not be able to get to it via FTP then :)

Now if you mean, you want a private area in each site directory, then
no, it would be nice, I prefer it that way, where each site has like an
htdocs directory that starts the web root and each domain directory is

private", yeah hsphere does not allow for it.

As far as an SSL license goes .. all you would need is a dedicated IP,
trouble is this, the CRT you have may not be transferable, the CRT is
generated by the CSR, the CSR is generated by the private KEY that is
generated on the local server. NOW, it might work, technically speaking
as long as your current server is Apache+mod_ssl, even if it is not a
redhat linux box, it should work, but no guarantees, different versions
of the openssl package could cause problems as well ... but if you send
the KEY and the CRT file over I can set them up for you.""

Can someone explain this to me in English LOL

Why can I do this no problem with my current host & these people don't seem to understand. I even sent them a screenshot of what it looks like (one level up) in my FTP program.

They are saying it's a security risk. So why is it not a security risk with my current host.

Then my web designer wanted me to start using typo3 (a CMS) & she said make sure the stats you need are at this new hosting company, so I sent them the requirements.

The owner (he's not a techi) said he wasn't sure that I could install typo3 on my server b/c that's a risk. Then he said he'd have to ask his techi. I guess the techi said fine, but why would he think that installing typo3 with these requirements below is a security risk? I'm confused.


System Requirements

TYPO3 is a web application programmed in PHP, but it is not an application in the
usual sense (Windows or Linux). In other words: TYPO3 is installed on a webserver
alongside PHP, and you work with it through a web browser - like Internet Explorer or
Mozilla - you "run" TYPO3 on the server.

To run TYPO3 successfully there are some requirements for both server and client
(user) that must be met.

* Operating System: Unix (eg Linux), Windows or Mac
* Webserver: Webserver Apache, IIS
* Middleware: PHP4
* Database, core system: MySQL
* Database, user extensions: Support for Oracle, MS-SQL, ODBC, LDAP - virtually
any external data source. Achieved through PHP4.
* Hardware: A normal webserver setup will do, with some modern CPU and at least
256 MB Ram. As with all database-driven applications, more RAM is advisable though.

High-performance setups will want to make use of load-balancing and use the
staging/static HTML-export capability of TYPO3. Check for the static file setup in the
mailing list archives and in the installation script to get started.

Optional - but recommended - webserver software extras:

* ImageMagick (standalone)
* GDlib/Freetype (compiled with PHP)
* zlib (compiled with PHP)
* Apache with mod_gzip/mod_rewrite
* A PHP-cache (eg. PHP-accelerator / Zend Accelerator, UNIX only)

Any help would be much appreciated. This is getting frustrating & I have to make a decision & move asap in the next day or two.

Have a great night !

Michelle :)

I stay far away from hosts that require you to use their programs. If you are switching your host because the price is cheaper you are now getting an idea of why it's cheaper. More automation for them means less overhead for them but makes it harder for you to customize your page, including all underlying folders, files and hierarchal operations.

Hope that helps. I use 1and1. http://www.1and1.com