=> Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS

Oh Jeez! I have this essay for English, and it involves a diagram part, which I have completed in Dia. Now, I don't have a working printer at my house, so I would have to email it to myself and print it at school. The only problem is this: How do I view .dia files on Windows XP? Is there a way to save things in Dia as another file type and view it in paint or whatever (like a GIF or JPEG or PNG)?

We do NOT have Visio at school or on my Windows laptop. That's why I did this diagram on my Linux system.

All of the permissions at school are set so I cannot install new software.

PLEASE HELP ME! It is due this Friday, but I would like to get it in by Wednesday, because I am leaving on Thursday to New Hampshire (yay).

Sorry! I just found out the answer to my own question!

Right Click => File => Export

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