Hi, I'm a newbe when it comes to setting up a working public bind nameserver so I have a few questions, remember I'm a newbe at bind so please bear with me and make your questions accordingly, thanks. Is it possible to setup to bind to act as a nameserver for public domains with just one IP? If so, can someone please setup bind for me? I'm at a complete loss as to how to go about it, I've RTFM and I'm lost as it seems so complicated. You can contact me via msn messenger at hexstar[at]gmail[dot][com] or aim via hexstar2004 which we can talk about setting up a remote server access account and financial requests if any (note that I am a young highschool student without a job so I don't have alot of money). My server does not run ssh but does run Webmin, the servers OS is YellowDog Linux 4.0 (http://www.yellowdoglinux.com), I am running apache webserver and bind v8. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I setup bind on a 486 DX2 with 48MB of RAM for the company I used to work for. Still running right now.

The company was given five IPs by their Telco/ISP. I set the websever and the DNS server to answer on the same IP, but probably not the best setup, security wise. Didn't have much choice though; small company, small amount of cash. Hey. It was all running on a 486. What do you expect?

Just get a router, maybe linux based? IPCOP, FREESCO anyone? Then set it up to forward the ports for DNS to the IP you have.

If secondary/redundant DNS services are what you are worried about, setup an account with DynDNS.org. I did it for my previous employer and it only cost US$14.95 a year, IIRC.

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