ok, I shutdown wrong last time I was running linux on my pc. I just powered off my pc because I was in a hurry and never did the whole shutdown thing. Now everytime I boot up my computer in linux it will start to load then say something like "This system was shutdown incorrectly" or something like that and then say to reboot. And it does it EVERY TIME. I have rebooted like 15 times and it keeps getting that error. How can I get rid of this?

Try chucking a boot cd in and running a fsck on your hard disks
fsck.ext3 /dev/hda3 (or whatever depending on file system and where your linux disks are)

you can boot the linux from grub prompt by pressing c and find root and boot partition there. after that boot from grub. i think /etc/grub.conf file has been changed.if you have any problem mail me further bidyut.vision@gmail.com.

Hey! I've got a problem that I hope can be resolved. I've got a linux system from br in- law .After synaptically getting some games, I tried one out(flying game) and the window, which wasn't maximized at the time, would not close and the rest of the functions seemed frozen and unresponsive. I rebooted and instead of my usual login screen, there were odd, misplaced graphics in a checkerboard pattern filling the screen up to half from the bottom up.
The login sound isn't heard , the login screen doesn't apppear and instead of 1 UBUNTU graphic logo, there are two smaller ones, their graphics being sketchy.
There is nowhere to login or anyhting the screen just stays like that

I Suggest you if you have any idea about hardware
then open your pc & remove your RAM & CMOS Battery after 5 to 10 min. just fit it
Now try to start your pc........