Hey Linux Gurus,

What lilnux do you recommend for a MAC ibook G3 and MAC Quicksilver G4 Desktop?


Now THAT's a new one - G3 MacBook! :)

Depends on how graphical and/or how speedy it has to be. Really graphical distros you could install on your Macs would be SuSE and Ubuntu.

Something a bit faster would be Debian Linux - it runs on just about any machine, now that I think about it...

Gentoo would be awesome except it's a little harder and time-consuming to install - how experienced are you with Linux?

Furthermore, installing Linux on Macs is not as straightforward as installing Linux on PCs. So I recommend reading these links here for some documentation and programs you might need:


Good luck, and I hope the install goes well!


Thanks alot ... I'm gonna let the kids in the class follow up on the links.

BTW- How big is that dog getting now?

Thanks alot

My pleasure.

BTW- How big is that dog getting now?

Growing like crazy - he's approaching 2 feet in height now... ;)

My buddy just got a new dobe .. and the pup's chewing pretty good ... I'm coming out of retirement a little to train him .... not the dog.

So ...how much has your dog damaged .or is it a pretty mellow dog?

I haven't had a pup in about 10 years... I adopted this lab ... I think i'm due for another GSD pup.

So ...how much has your dog damaged .or is it a pretty mellow dog?

Amazingly yes. Extremely calm, although he does have his high points of energy. I would post the link to a YouTube video of him, except it might get snipped here in the Linux forum. ;)

No prob ..about the video .. My labs kinda mellow too... after having some high energy/high maint. K9s its kinda peacefull around here and I don't have to worry about her making her own arrests :)

Hey Joe, you know I used to train with RCMP, and Edmonton and Calgary PDs here in California ... Gangs, K9, SWAT and Self Defense. We trained alot of your instructors and supervisors .... but they are all my age or older ... so they're probably retired ...

hey, this is way off topic. no off topic posts please

>hey, this is way off topic. no off topic posts please
It's not a big deal. The OP's question was already answered, it was the OP that went off topic, and lastly, it's nearly always the destiny of a thread to go off topic. ;) I know it's generally discouraged, but in this case it doesn't really matter too much.

sorry, k pardons

I was just kidding. I don't care. It's just that joe gets on my case everytime I go off topic.

>I was just kidding.
Well, you're the only one that thinks it's funny. :rolleyes:

It seems like you are always trying to argue or troll whenever you see me, as if to "get back" at me. Why? Have I committed some serious crime or something? Even if I had, you should learn to forgive and forget; holding something against someone else only makes yourself more miserable.

I'm giving you this link in case it makes you feel any better.