Im new with linux and all, I recently installed Ubuntu 6.10. The thing I wana know is, how do I load up the GUI for Unbuntu? It always boots in text based. I dont know any commands yet for Linux, I will be learnin them next yr in my studies. So currently I just wana muck around with the GUI part. Thanks

did you installl the wrong one?

theres a server one (no gui) and a desktop one. dont worry if you did- its all easialy fixable

if you did get the right one and the GUI isnt showing then it probably doesnt have the right
driver for your graphics card - if thats the issue i can help you

Firstly, try logging in and at the prompt with the user you made during setup. Then type "startx" - tell me what happens

thanks, I just realised, I am using the server version on that pc. That explains the problem.

you can do (from command line)

apt-get update
apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

This will download the required files to upgrade your system to the desktop version (although a clean install is probably better)