:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: How can I install Beryl on an nVidia 6500 graphics card on Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy OS and on an AMD 64 3500+? I understand that this is a difficult question, but the doccumentation on the Beryl website is very overwhelming. I want the cool graphics, but I’m not that good of a computer person and don't know how to do all the stuff on the Beryl website. I have downloaded the 64 bit Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy from the Ubuntu website, at least that worked. I also downloaded the winMd5Sum and InfraRecorder from the Ubuntu site, so I can make a CD. I'm planning to install it on a PC different from the one i'm downloading from.

Another method to install or try beryl is to grab a linux version that has beryl installed for you. Sabyon, MEPIS and some others all have beryl installed as soon as you pop the live cd in so you can check it out. Sabyon and MEPIS both can install the new nvidia driver while you try the live cd so that's a bonus too. You can see how it all works from the live cd environment. You can see which others come with beryl by scoping out distrowatch.

looks like i'll have to put mepis on my debian box here, it's obviously got high praise and not just from mepnoob - Fedora comes with beryl too and i like the idea of beryl on a live cd but that would depend on resources as live cd's and these sorts of environments are slow unless you have good hardware, another example would be LG3D live cd. it took nearly 10 minutes to get to the desktop and the OS was at it's knees, i couldn't even use the mouse but for 5 second spurts and i could not install it like that.
I tried beryll and its awesome, but since removing it i have decided to wait for the new offerings from The Compiz and Beryl communities reuniting.
till then this one is on hold for me