heh, I'm used to Abyss webserver which worked fine for me until I started (as of today) running one of my domains at home, cause I am a poor guy. =)

What worked before : putting files (legal, legit ones I own) in a directory and simply linking to the folder to let people see and choose from the list.

What DOESN'T work now, the same.. IE, I put for example, www.thisaddress.com/videos and it doesn't come up. However, I type in www.thisaddress.com/videos/index.html and it DOES come up.

Unless it's a security issue, I'd like to be able to do it the abyss way (I have a lot of files, and to be honest, there's just times that I'm lazy in making the index.html file) of drop and choose.. can anyone tell me what setting this is, or how to do it please?
oh yeah, I have 1.3.33

--W.W.A.Z.man :eek:

...the main problem is, I tried to put index.html's in the other folders and the other folders were inaccessible as well, even with the index files.

well I don't see an edit button anywhere, so I gotta ad a third entry. I managed to get it fixed, and also learned Apache is MUCH more picky in regards to directory listings.. The main thing I changed was the computer name from "localhost" back to it's designated computer name, followed by my ISP's DNS server.. ie, for example, This_Server.nor1.ca.comcast.net (this is a fake address just to protect my sanity heh =) ) and now everything's working peachy!