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Yes, I was wondering how do I set the password for mysql on opensuse?

When I was setting it up

it never gave me an option to set the password. It would be useful for security measures.


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Thread bumping is usually considered highly inappropriate, especially when your thread is still on the first page. I'd expected better of you.

In reponse to your question, I'd point you here

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thanx I'll try that later, or tomorrow.

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Thanx, I'll try that too, I think I need to log on as root though. Also it is still set as Localhost, is that bad and how do I change it?

localhost is the hostname

the pc you are on is referred to as "localhost"

you only need to specify something other than localhost if you are accessing the database from another pc

e.g if i wanted my web server to get data from my database server i would use its full host name

Like jbennet said, you only need to change it if you are accessing the database from another computer. That said, you change it by adding a user (link) for another location. Here's an example: GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'iamthwee'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpasswordhere' WITH GRANT OPTION This will create a new user, iamthwee, who can access the database from any host (the host comes after the @, and % is a wildcard), and has a password of 'yourpasswordhere.' The user will have full permissions to the entire database. You can limit the permissions or the scope at which they apply. The WITH GRANT OPTION allows the user to use the GRANT statement to add other users with equal or lesser permissions.

its a bad idea to allow Root access from anything other than localhost (unless you plan to run a headless server) for security reasons. allowing localhost only means that you have to be physically at the computer.

I'd venture that it's bad to use root for anything other than creating other users or new databases, all of which can be done just as easily through ssh or a local management application anyways...

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