I have a pretty old computer, and I also have a (much) better laptop. I'm just testing linux right now, and I was wondering if the following specs were OK to run on Gentoo... I already have the LiveCD AMD64 ISO

> Dual 4.6 GB (WOW) HD's, one running Win98, one running Redhat 9 (I would get rid of Redhat 9)
> 256 MB RAM
> 333MHz Processor (AMD64)
> ATI Rage Graphics Card (4MB)
> ??? Sound Card
If you need any other specs I'll find them and then post 'em.

Should be. Gentoo eliminates a lot of code bloat by compiling everything on-the-fly. The only disadvantages of this method is that you need a constant broadband connection to download all the files, and the compilation process takes many hours, depending on your processor speed and available RAM. (My 1.86 Ghz Intel Core Duo took about 8 hours or so to compile a Genkernel kernel configuration, although custom configurations might be faster.)

I'm running gentoo on a PII w/256Mg ram, and dual 4G SCSI drives. Compilation does take a while thats why I cross compile on my faster machine and move the binaries over to this one. I use this box for my firewall, squid, and email machine, been up for almost a year now =]