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I just wrote a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySql, PHP) HOWTO. It's at the bottom of this thread:

In that tutorial, you'll see how to modify which filenames Apache treats as "default" pages. But to directly answer you question, this line in your httpd.conf file defines the filenames (and order of priority) Apache uses to determine a default page. It is just a space-seperated list of filenames to use as the default document. For example, you might add " index.php" to the end of this line to support a PHP home page.

[left]DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var

Also, this line tells Apache what folder is your website root folder. You could change it to "c:/www/" to host your website at that folder.

[left]DocumentRoot "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/htdocs"

By changing those two directives and restarting your Apache service, you should be able to control where Apache looks for the website root and what filename it will automatically open as your "home" page.

Enjoy the journey.



Yeah what he said hehehe

BUt listen I think you should start reading up on apache and how to secure it before you put this live or in production.

Alot of the defualts are not could.

Good Example....

fopen() in php allowing remote access


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