My Linux PC has always been set up to use my WinXP machine, as an Internet gateway, with the static IP

I just got a Linksys "blue" router, and I want to change this info. I'd like to use DHCP to use the router as the gateway,

How can I accomplish this w/ RedHat8? I tried neat (RedHat's internet configuration tool / network admin tool) but it froze my system. I posted awhile back about how neat always crashes my system for some reason. Weird.

One more question ... I set up port forwarding on my router, so now my linux PC's SSH server is open to the world, not just my home lil lan. This makes me a lil bit paranoid, however. Where can I find the log file to see who SSH's into my machine?

Why are you fowarding the port to the world then? Just don't foward the port, or if you want to be carefull, foward it to an ip that dosen't exist.

b/c I want to be able to ssh into my machine when I'm at Hofstra, etc

just want to make sure I'm the only one who knows my password, LOL!

that's an idea though ... to use a different external port and have it forward to 22 on my linux box ... at least an option if OptOnline ever decides to block port 22!

the linksys router can't do that :-P

you just might wanna change the ssh port number, to say, 222, or something even more random.

mine can? are u sure we're talking about the same thing?

If you're using standard port fowarding, it can't. However, I'm pretty sure the UPNP Port Fowarding section can do that (although its UPNP, it dosen't really work like a UPNP router, so don't worry about any security issues).

Yeah, I was talking about the UPNP section in the router admin ... but what does that mean?

Refer to this link for an in depth guide to uPNP. This also reviews a linksys router. This may not be your specific router, but all the linksys routers have the same fuctionality (little, or next to nothing).