I have a G4 Titanium laptop at home that allows me to "View Full Screen" in Preview. At work, I use an iMac and Preview does not allow me to view full screen. Is there an upgrade that I need? If so, where do I get it?


KL :p

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I have panther running on G4 Imac and there u can click in the taskbar on image/ full screen.(i translated that 'image/full screen' out of dutch, don't know what the english taskbar looks like, but anyway, fullscreen option is available)

Sanne ;-)

I cannot get a full screen on my computer. Tried everything. Any suggestions?

Stop hijacking threads. If you have a problem, post it in a new thread, and be more descriptive about the problem rather than just "I can't get fullscreen".

You just need to hit the "slideshow" button located in the toolbar above the image. Apple can be funny that way... not entirely obvious that is.

Use Following Short Cut CMD+Shift+F

You can use this short cut with any mac application

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