I spend alot of time editing my photos in IPhoto, but when I store them on a CD or move them to my desktop, they revert to their original form. Any suggestions on how to save images that are enhanced or edited? thanks!

if possible, i would suggest editing photos in Photoshop (or similar program).

Strange,because anyway, dragging etc. onto desktop , i'll get my edited version.
But try the following:
Select (click once) on the edited photo u like to export in your i photo screen; then click in the taskbar on archive/export... then u get a screen with options. u can choose to store it as jpeg tiff or png or just as original to for example your desktop.
But all with these options, u will get your edited version.

So then in your case not drag onto desktop, but export to desktop (for the edited ones).
At least i know the export option worked for me in OS 10.1.5 as well as in 10.3.7
After that u could make folders on your desktop to store group by group and just drag the folders onto an cd r(w); because most dvdplayers can read just any datacd containing jpegs. (mine could also read a MAC HFS+ burned cd with jpegs on it.)

:o Sanne

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