Well, I'm new to this forum, mainly because i haven't ran into any problems so far with my mac and now that it's giving me a headache i figured this might be a way to solve my problems........

without knowing what i was really doing to myself i created a new user (admin) and deleted the original user (admin) because i couldn't remember my original password....long story short all my old files that were being used by the original user have been made into a system folder when i click on users....
all the sub folders are locked and i can't make copies into the new user i created.. in fact i can't even delete the folder itself and it's taking up 7 gigs on the hard drive....so i guess my question is, is there anyway to salvage my old files at all, and if not how can i go about at least getting rid of the folder so it won't be waisting space.....

any help would be greatly appreciated.......

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No doubt this thread will be moved soon, but in the meantime...

If memory serves, when you delete a user the old user directory is converted to a disk image and moved to a folder called deleted users. You should be able to mount that disk image by double clicking it after which you should be able to copy files from it. If necessary, as the administrator you should be able to change the permissions on the directory by doing a get info on the folder and making yourself the owner and then clicking on the apply to enclosing items button. After that you shouldn't have any problems accessing the files.

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