What I'm about to ask, is gonna sound realy dumb to all you experienced Mac users.
I have just switched to Mac from Windows in the last couple of weeks. I'm running OS X 10.2.4 Jaguar on an iBook.
Have managed to work out most things, however, when I try to install progammes, whether from disc or via download, the computer keeps asking for "Classic 9", then it tells me I don't have it.
What is Classic 9, & how do I get it on my machine?
It is causing me great grief!!!!!!



Welcome to the wonderful world of Macintosh Computing. there is no such thing as a dumb question here -- the forums are provided so that we all learn from one another. No question/answer is too small.

From the earliest days of the Macintosh (1984!) there was a 32 bit operating system known as Macintosh. When the processors changed from the Motorola 68000 series to the PowerPC platform, the core system files changed (became "native"), and then a few years ago, there was a complete re-write of the operating system based on Unix called OS X. The older system software made it to revision 9.2.2 before Apple pronounced it "dead" a year or two ago.

Apple has done an outstanding job providing computer owners with the ability to run older software on their machines. So, when you load up OS X, and are running it, if you access a program that was built for the older system, it will ask you / tell you that you are running in Classic mode. I think that OS 9 was provied with OS X 10.2.... I am not sure.

Some of the newest Macintoshes are not able to run OS 9 at all. I am not certain if that means they cannot run Classic or not... I do not have a new new machine to prove that theory out.

You have a couple options --
* See if you can install upgrades of the software that are built for OS X. If so, super, you don't need 9.
* See if you can purchase or obtain an OS 9 system disk, and install the classic environment
* See if another program based on OS X can replace the OS 9 program ou are trying to work with.

Now, if you do setup OS 9, you will notice that it is "different". The little Apple in the corner will be the rainbow apple, not the solid blue one you are used to seeing. The menus and fonts will look a bit different -- the look and feel will be different. If you want to print from OS 9, you need to setup an OS 9 printer using the Chooser.

It may seem overly complicated, but with a little bit of understanding, you can become friends with Classic mode. Those of us with legacy software are thankful that the old stuff still works. Personally, I have 2 classic programs that I cannot live with out. One day, I will be able to complete the conversion, and then be pure OS X.

Hope this helps,


Hi Christian, thanks for the advice.
Have just had a very frustrating afternoon, re-installing OS 9 back into my iBook, then running Jaguar back over the top.
Even after telling it not to, it has succeded in chucking 9 out again. (naughty little thing)
Don't know what to do now, I can't even get an Anti-virus to install.
Am fast losing patience with this sweet little machine, it's very lucky it hasn't been tossed in the fire.
I am a very determind little thing though & am willing to see this through.
Any more suggestions?
Do you know of anything that will override Classic 9?

Donna (mutley3legs)

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