Can anyone tell me how Netscape 7.0 (Gecko) stores user accounts on a Mac OS? It's a G3, on OS 8.

I was doing a favor for a friend on Friday and revising some email accounts for him when his graphic designer left - some of the email was being stored in Outlook Express - which was fine - deleting an account name/changing it to a new name still leaves the messages intact - but unfortunately - this designer also used Netscape mail for a lot of his communication - and during the course of revising the accounts to match the other set - I removed that original account - and literally everything disappeared in the space of seconds (from view).

Any suggestions to try to retrieve these Netscape mail files? We did not shut down the computer over the weekend or reboot - as I had to be out of town and couldn't deal with it again until today.

Many thanks

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I believe Netscape under the days of OS 8 - 9 kept the emails inside a folder called Profiles. You might have to go to backups, and retrieve them from there. I am trying to think if I have an OS 8 computer to test that theory out on.

I think your best bet is backups.



Thanks - unfortunately I was hoping for a quicker response :) (I didn't get the email letting me know about responses to this thread until today, the 9th!) It's still appreciated - but I opted to pay a Mac person to recover the data as it was critical for my client and I did not want to take chances on further mucking up the system when I am not proficient or familiar with Mac OS.

Turns out it actually had dual OS on the machine - and the Netscape information was being stored under OS 10 - I would definately have been out of my league fumbling around in the system. The recovered information was far more important than either of us expected - his former graphics design employee was apparently diverting some incoming client work for his own personal financial gain - on company time - and using company resources.

Thank you for your response - I'll remember this community for any future tech help I need :)


Hello Bobland,

Thank you for visiting, and letting us know. While I am not the only Mac expert on DaniWeb, we are all volunteers here. I try to service for an hour and a half every day. Sometimes, I am gone for 2 days here and there. But the staff here is a team, and if the question is in the realm of the normal (you didn't, for example, ask us to hardware hack your VCR), there is a good bet of a response within a day or two. :)

With a Dual OS Machine -- Mac or Win or Linux -- The operating system of the hour is the one that needs to be investigated. For example, at work, I dual boot to have a test environment, and a live environment, all on the same box! Links and changes to one do not affect the other, unless they access a common file system.

As for the ethical concerns... that is just a no-no, and such conduct will get him blacklisted. Anchors like that are very hard to unload. Professional character is most important.


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