Hi all,

Recently bought a MBP, converted all my wma's to mp3, and generally like iTunes. One thing I really liked about Windows media player is that it could be minimized to a mini-player that ran in the taskbar. A little screen would pop up when the track changed, letting you know what was playing. I could also mouse over and get the same info.

Is there ANYTHING like this for Mac?


If you hit the green jewel in the top left corner of the iTunes window, you'll notice that it shrinks to a minimal interface. If you want it completely gone, click the red jewel, which will hide the window. You can then control iTunes through a special iTunes controller widget on Dashboard (or just click on the icon in the dock, which will re-show the window again). To get notifications displaying the currently playing track, have a look at Growl.

Thanks John. While iTunes doesn't do what I want by itself (even w/ the widget), Growl does exactly what I want. I had never heard of the program. Still, it is worth mentioning that just installing Growl doesn't do anything for iTunes; you must install GrowlTunes, which is included in the 'Extras' folder of the installer.

Additionally, some people don't like the fact that Growl notifies you of track changes even if iTunes is not minimized. (Windows Media only notifies if it is minimized). There is a script to make growl only notify if iTunes is minimized.