Hello All,

I'm a first-timer. I can't figure out what I did to my iBook. I have a first-generation white (G3) iBook running OS 9.2. I was attempting to hook it up to a modem and a wireless router when something went wrong. The following is a description of the problem. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

When I start the computer up it is fine until it loads the desktop. Then the time will load, but the computer freezes at that point, so that there is the desktop background/wallpaper, the grey bar on top with the time and nothing else. If I hold shift down when booting my Mac (to turn off the extensions) it works fine (but I can't use any extensions). I talked to a tech guy and he gave me a hint that it had something to do with archiving or the archive, but I don't know where to go from there.

Again, I would really appreciate any suggestions 'cause I'm low on cash and would like to fix it myself.

Thanks a bunch!!! :confused:

If working without extensions turned on has an impact, then the best route is to open Extension Manager, and turn extensions on one-by-one. When the system freezes up, you just disable the one that you just turned on. It's an arduous process, but it should turn something up for you.


I tried turning on the extensions one by one like you suggested and that got some stuff to work, but others wouldn't still, so I still can't figure out what's wrong. Also, I couldn't open AppleWorks or any documents (which I need!!!). Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help

I called Apple Canada and a really nice tech guy helped me out without charging me!!! Thanks for your help.

New question: Can I use a 256 meg ram stick from a Mac Mini in my 6-year-old iBook? I have a friend who bought a MacMini but not enough memory and they only have one dimm, so he's gonna sell me his 256 but I don't want it if it won't work. I don't know much about memory, so I'd appreciate your help!


No you cannot.

Thanks for the info!!!

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