OH MAN! What a day!

The macworld conference was today, and what a day it was!

Up first, we have the new iPod, iPod shuffle! It's flash based, 512 and 1 GB versions, NO SCREEN and starts at only 99 dollars! It's the size of a pack of GUM!!


iLife '05
New versions of programs....

iWork '05
Keynote2, and Pages the new word processor that's compatible with Appleworks AND Microsoft Word.

Finally I want to talk about my favorite....

Mac Mini!!!!!!!

HOLY COW!!!!! Imagine a square 6 1/2" to a side, and then imagine that it's the top of a box that's 2 inches thick. That's Mac mini! Price?? $499!!!!! They're practically giving them away! This is the perfect mac for anyone who wants to try out the Mac platform. Its base configuration sports a 1.25 Ghz G4 processor, 256 MB DDR 333 SDRAM, ATI Radeon 9200 32 MB graphics, 40 GB ultra ATA hardrive, Optical drive is a Combo drive, DVI or VGA output, airport extreme/bluetooth optional.

I can think of a hundred uses for that system.

Everyone needs to check it out, http://www.apple.com