I just bought a used iMac at an auction today. When I double click on the hard drive icon all I get is one of the program files opened not the actually hard drive. I can't see system folders, program files, etc. How do I get the hard drive icon back to showing the hard drive. The computer appears to work fine other than that.
Thanks!!! Dee

First, can you tell us a little more about the computer? Which kind of iMac is it, what Operating System are you running (OS 9, X, etc)?


It's a 400 mhz iMac with 128 mg ram running OS9. I could simply reinstall the OS but it now has some programs on it I would lose that I would rather keep. I do want to get rid of all the personal files the previous owner left on it when she consigned it to auction.


You should format the computer, and start it over from scratch. If the programs on there that you want to keep are not legally licenced to you (in other words, if she sold the computer, but not the disks and software rights with it), then you have no business running the software.

Start it over with a clean slate, so that you know what is installed, and where it is in stalled. That is your safest option.


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