I have OSXII in my mac and when I boot a disk (it is .dsk, and has a picture of the actual floppy) it beeps and then comes to the C prompt. What do I type in? This is vaguely familiar, I'm trying to think back to middle school. I thought I had the right format, these disks also work in another emulator I had, but you needed to buy a licence and it paused every five minutes. I really love Oregon Trail! Help!-


It sounds to me that you have Virtual PC installed, and are running an emulator for Windows on your computer... Apple II never had a C: Remember Applesoft Basic? It has a ] Prompt. Integer Basic had the > prompt.

I will need to go home tonight and see if there is an emulator out there that you want to work with.


Sorry! That's what I meant. ] Prompt. I don't have windows either, its a mac os x version 10.3. You've been very helpful Christian! Thanks!



Very good. Always glad to serve.


I suspect what you've downloaded is a self-enclosed emulator of the Apple IIe OS. The Apple IIe OS was not GUI driven. It was commandline. The prompt there is looking for a command to run your game.

I've not used an Apple IIe since 1989, so forgive me if I'm not remembering the right commands (without the double quotes).

"catalog" should list all the files in the directory.
"run filename", where filename is the name of the file you want to run, I suspect it'll be something like "oregon" or "oregontrail".

At the very least there should be a readme that came with the emulator.
Otherwise, Google is your friend!

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