I have a .w4v video which plays on either itunes or Quicktime for Mac. I would like to be able to play it on a windows based computer. I was told to just change the .w4v to .wp4 and it would work (but it didn't).

From my research, I now understand that I need to convert the video format (not just change the extension).

1. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a specific conversion software which is reliable?
2. Do they offer the service for free or do they all charge?
3. Would I load the conversion software on my Mac, convert the file, then be able to play it on the windows-based computer? Or initiate the conversion from the windows based computer? Right now the windows computer will not open the file, so I'm not sure if it would be able to convert from that.

Any assistance is appreciated.

You should mean itunes video(.M4V) and want to convert it to mp4, here i recommend using this m4v converter, you just need to load m4v files to your pc and use this software to convert it to plain mp4 to play on windows

Thanks so much for your reply and for correcting my mistake. I've been looking at all these extensions too long!

My problem is loading them to the PC. Using my Mac, I saved the .m4v to a CD, which I then took to the PC. When trying to bring it up, the PC just says the file is unaccessible.

So I don't understand how I can use the PC to change the extension when it won't let me choose the file in the first place. Or does the software take care of that?

Thanks again.

Ok, I just read the info on the web site, which I should have done prior to my last post. I'm going to give this a try first thing tomorrow. I think I understand this better now. Will let you know how it goes.

I tried to run the Daniusoft program but when it instructed to ADD (by importing the video I was trying to convert), it failed to import it. I tried several times but got the same reply each time.

I had saved the file from the Mac hard drive to a CD and was trying to open it from the CD on the windows machine. Did I do something wrong?