Hi everybody. New here, so be gentle...
I am the sole Mac user in a network of 10 machines (9 PCs all running XP).
Our server is a Linux box (i.e. NOT Exchange Server). I use Entourage for mail, iCal for calendar, etc etc. I HOPE to be able to sync with co-workers Outlook Calendar (probably have to use Entourage at best, I realize).
Menus are different, controls/commands/preferences/properties too...old news. Mac Vs. PC. We can't seem to get them to see each other. I keep getting errors in Entourage about "error on the IMAP server."
Any ideas?


This is definately an interesting scenerio. I got around it by using eGroupware on the Linux server, and having everyone do things via a web client. I also issued a certificate so that the communications would be encrypted. But that also means that everyone else would have to change with you, and that could be a problem.

As you do not have an exchange server, I am guessing that people's Outlook calendars are stored locally to the C: ... perhaps if they have roaming profiles, they would make it to the server. Still.... that could be a risk if the machine dies.

Let us know if you have solved it. Sounds like a neat expirement to try working on.


Thanks so Much Christian. I have forwarded to my [PC] IT guy. I am fluent Spanish, but have trouble with Greek. I'll check in with an update!

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