Hi! I'm having a strage and mysterious date & time problem.... my computer keeping having 60s flashbacks. Seriously, at least once a day, I'll restart (and I don't even have to restart, sleep also does it) and I come back and it's 1969 or earlier! I'm running OSX on an iBook G3. I even clicked the lock to prevent further changes :cheesy:

Any fixes for this? It's driving me nuts . :rolleyes:


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Is that thing REALLY gonna fit in my iBook? It looks huge!

He posted the wrong battery. What model do you have? Most iBooks your vintage do not have a separate battery for the CMOS settings (what Apple calls PRAM) -- it runs off the main battery. Instead, they use a supercap ultra-high-value capacitor to store enough juice to hold the settings and run the clock while the main battery is pulled. You may have a problem with the main battery. Does the unit run off the battery OK?

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