I have recently build ten (10) Intel iMac, and have noticed that on a Monday most machines will be at least 5 minutes to fast. Becasue these machine are on a Windows Domain, user's are unable to login, I have to login as Administrator and change the time. If the iMacs are left on the time is insync with the Server. All our older G5 don't have this problem. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks to everyone in aadvance.

Hello fsalvador,

If you have not already I would suggest checking your Time Synch. Server settings in System Pref's > Date & Time > Date & Time tab.
Try disabling the 'set time & date automatically' checkbox if it is indeed selected then manually set the correct time to see if the issue remains, or you could also try changing the default apple time server to a different known working one to see if that makes any difference, (Possibly the same one used on your windows server?)

Also, whilst there check the Time Zone tab just to be certain you are set to the correct location.
I know these are simple steps but just thought I would mention to get some idea or what you have and haven't tried.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Madaxe,

Done that already.

If we leave the machine ON over the weekend "time" is insync. But once the machines had been switch OFF the time is mostly about 5 to 10 minutes advanced.

Again Thanks

Very strange fsalvador.

How old are these Intel iMacs? Fairly new or early models?
Do all the iMacs go out by exactly the same amount of time or does the difference vary from machine to machine?

May have to have a little think on this one.

I know it is strange.

These are 3 month old Intel iMacs. and it varies from individual machines.

I get less calls from user's now, but I'm not sure if they just don't switch the machines off for the weekend.

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