I have purchased a new laptop, Acer Aspire 5738z a year ago. Since the second month of using it, I wondered why the maximum Graphics Memory in Use is 128 MB... Am I misunderstanding what "up to 1244mb Mobile Intel GMA 4500m" means?

Thanks in advance...

Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile Report

Report Date: 08/15/2010
Report Time[hr:mm:ss]: 12:07:08
Driver Version:
Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Home Basic* , Service Pack 1 (6.0.6001)
Default Language: English
DirectX* Version: 10.0
Physical Memory: 3000 MB
Minimum Graphics Memory: 64 MB
Maximum Graphics Memory: 1308 MB
Graphics Memory in Use: 125 MB
Processor: x86 family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Speed: 1995 MHZ
Vendor ID: 8086
Device ID: 2A42
Device Revision: 07

* Accelerator Information *

Accelerator in Use: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
Video BIOS: 1718.0
Current Graphics Mode: 1366 by 768 True Color (60 Hz)

* Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator *

Active Notebook Displays: 1

* Notebook *

Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Display Type: Digital
Gamma Value: 2.20
DDC2 Protocol: Supported
Maximum Image Size: Horizontal: Not Available
Vertical: Not Available
Monitor Supported Modes:
1366 by 768 (60 Hz)
Display Power Management Support:
Standby Mode: Not Supported
Suspend Mode: Not Supported
Active Off Mode: Not Supported

* Other names and brands are the property of their respective owners.

This article has a good discussion of the relationship of processor speed, RAM, and GMA card maximum.

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