This is me: :!:

My facial expression have been replaced by a big, exhausted '!'.

Everytime I start my computer (iMac running OS 10.3.9 Panther), what I believe to be the Network Logo (Blue Sphere thingy on a grey square) flashes for what seems 10 mins or so.
Once that bastard has finished flashing on my screen a Classic Folder with the Finder Logo in it flashes for another 5 mins or so.

I have let this go on too long, what can I do?

I am on cable internet via a Router.

My Classic has never really done what I want it to. I've tried deleting it via the Terminal, but I think I am too inept and cannot do it!
Should I even bother deleting it? Or is it worth keeping, and if so, should I re-install it, and HOW?!

My computer is also being Slow. Damn Slow. It freezes from time to time... Ahhh... I installed Onyx, just so I can at least feel like I'm trying to keep the poor thing maintained.

I'm hopeless, ha ha ha, I really want to keep my comp in good condition... Any tips on that too?

THANKYOU SO MUCH, in advance!


Well, it sounds like you have Classic automatically starting up when your iMac is booted. To solve this, open System Preferences, choose "Classic", and then there should be an option to turn it off there. (I'm not completely sure, because I'm not at my G5 right now.)

As for your other problems, I'm not really sure. Try opening the System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items, and see which items are starting up. I have like 2 items in there, but if you have something like 10 in there, then that could be the problem too.

Hi, thanks for your help but for some reason the Classic Icon is not in the system preferences!

I suspect what you did (and what you needed to do) was reselect your boot drive in the Startup Disk prefpane. Correct?