Hi - I am a non-technical person here out of desperation!

I have an iMac G5 (OS X 10.4) and I access the internet using Rogers cable highspeed Internet. Up until 24 hours ago all was hunky dory. Now though when I connect, my internet access freezes up within a few minutes. Initially, the only way I could reconnect was by restarting the computer. Now I have discovered that I can renew the DHCP lease to reconnect.

To resolve the problem I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the ethernet cable and the power going to the external modem. Likewise the computer itself. I also scanned for viruses or spyware that could potentially interfere with the Mac but came up with a clean machine.

Any ideas why my connection would suddenly stop? Isn't the Mac supposed to renew the DHCP automatically?

Thanks in advance for any clues you may be able to provide! Richard.

>Isn't the Mac supposed to renew the DHCP automatically?
Your Mac renews your DHCP lease whenever the current one expires. The length of the DHCP lease is set by the DHCP server, in your case, your ISP. On my router I've set my DHCP lease to one week, but it could be as short as a few hours for you.

In any case, I'd say you're best off contacting your ISP for help. I don't know what their internal settings are, whether or not you have to fill in manual DNS, etc. A phone call to technical support will most likely be more effective than me trying to suggest possible things to try.

I agree with Joe. Sounds like your ISP may have changed an internal setting for whatever reason and have not told you about it. This has happend to me once or twice in the past with both ISPs and Web hosting services. Often not even the Tech support guys know that this has happend and what you will have to change so you might have to hassle them a little bit until you get through to someone who actually knows whats going on.