I´ve kinda rookie on OSx issues but, i´ve realized that real player, windows media, and quicktime, don´t have a playlist option.
I mean, what if i want to watch all my silent hill videos ( .mov for example ), and i don´t want to click each one of them every time in order to watch them?, it´s kinda disturbing the fact that i couldn´t find a decent way to automatize it, like a playlist do, or even the smart list on iTunes do.

Do i have to program something? or the answer is so simple that i couldn´t fiigured it out.

help me buds.

Try using MPlayer or VLC to watch them.. both come with playlists.

i´ve found a small app to do the thing, maybe it works:


QT XList is a Quicktime playlist solution supporting any format Quicktime natively supports. With QT XList you can create, save, and load playlists as you please. QT XList is perfect for those who have a bunch of movies split up into multiple segments. QT XList is also for those who want to listen to or watch their media using Apple's very best Quicktime Player but don't want to open the track each time they want to change the media. QT XList supports localization - Please see Localizing GUI for more information. What's New: Version 1.2 adds the following: Addressed rare problem with window bounds (See documentation) Addressed video scale options not working with some video formats Added playing, paused, and missing track indications Added Add To Playlist button Added Quicktime Player Toggle to launch/quit Quicktime Added various GUI enhancements Fixed the shuffle playlist option Updated documentation BUG fixes Code optimization