I am a very new mac user. I was wondering how to move the cursor to the beginning and end of a text line. I tried to use home and end which apparently do not work as expected in a windows/linux system. Okay it works as expected in say word, but doesn't work the same in say firefox or acrobat. Even the command+left arrow works differently in different software. For instance, in adobe it moves to the previous page. Whereas for MS Word it works like home. Are there any command/keyboard shortcuts which works uniformly across all softwares?


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Same trouble over here , there's no HOME or END key !

I don't understand what you are saying. The home and end key are painfully enough in the standard place as in a PC keyboard but the keys are just dumb.


Hold down the control key and press left arrow for home - right arrow for the end. If you put your finger on the shift key AND control key, you can highlight left and right as well

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