Afer installing Panther on my machine the graphics card in the PCI slot (running a second monitor) doesn't work right. The monitor screen looks like a negative (gray and pixely). It worked just fine in Jaguar. What happened?

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Did you open the Monitors control panel, and adjust the display? Perhaps the settings are not correct, such as stuck in 800x600 @ 256 colors.

Were you running OS X before, or did you have OS 9 on the computer? It is possible that the card is not supported, or you may need to download a driver.

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:sad: Thanks for your reply Christian. For anybody else out there who had the same problem, here's the scoop! Apple and ATI no longer support the XClaim 3D Pro video card in OS 10.3 or 10.4. Get your wallet out and buy a new card.

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