I want to make back up copies of some of my older CD's. I am looking for a CD ripping software that has a decent bitrate (ie not iTunes), maybe around 320 kbps (VBR). Also, it would be cool if it would rip straight to mp3 format at this rate. Does anyone know of such a thing? A free one would be nice but if not anything that fits the bill will be real helpfull. :?:

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iTunes can encode at 320kbps, what's wrong with using it?

Sorry, don't know of any more encoding stuff. Maybe Audion?


It's Itunes - Preferences - Importing then choose custom to get those higher bitrates.

Brilliant, thanks. I should have worked that one out for myself really; sorry 'bout that!!


Although itunes can handle the higher bit rates, it doesn't give the option to rid a whole cd into one single mp3 file.
I'd like to rip to a single mp3 for the whole disk, does anyone know how to achieve this on osx?
I know it can be done, but which program would do this on osx?

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