Hi there - Am absolutely fed up and am glad to have found this place..(hopefully!).

I am working on an old G3 (still doing fine!) And have upgraded to Tiger... since doing the upgrade I am no longer able to print from classic - the message "Cannot Find Printer. (64)" appears.
All applications running from X are fine - but NOTHING run by classic will print. What is weird is that our macs are networked and the G4 with OS 10.2.8 could print fine from classic until I upgraded the G3 and now that is hopeless as well and displays "Cannot find printer. (64). How frustrating??!!! My business partner and I have spent 1.5 days using logic and every help subject on the apple site - absolutely nothing has worked - I think it is something to do with placement of preferences/extensions - Oh! I don't know!
The printer is a 12/640 and has the latest driver...
If anybody has an inkling as to what is wrong Purleese advise!
This is soo annoying especially since teh G4 was previously fine!
Thanks in advance... Kati x

Hello Katie,

Have you found an answer concerning this? I am wondering... just found the thread and am curious.