Recently I have some PDF files need to transfer to word for use in my office 2008. I firstly tried to copy and paste but the contents are messed up using Adobe Reader. I could not upload it to SNIP or other online websites because they are my company’s confidential files. As I use Mac OS and there is little desktop software I can refer to. So any idea helpfully would be appreciated.:pretty:

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Do you have the professional version of Adobe Acrobat?

Ok, had to double check - but if you have Acrobat professional you can go to the file menu.

File > Export > Word document.

Information on the structure of the Word document is not saved in the PDF when it is generated. File Juicer will not try to recreate it.There are many tools to convert PDF to Word PDF. However, most of them are compatible with Windows only.Single-click on the PDF file to convert it to an RTF file that you want to use in Word.

If these are your company's confidential files, could you ask the original creator to send you the text? And explain why you need the information.

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