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I didn't think the macbookpro has a fan... Can't hear one and a freind told me that's why it get so hot.

All laptops have fans... even the MacBook Pro. It's normal not to hear the fan, because it's usually spinning at low speed. Run the processor harder, and the fans will get louder (I have a MacBook). And hot MacBook/MacBook Pros is an issue that Apple has been struggling with. I've read that it's due to bad thermal paste. If you think that your laptop is not acting normal, you should send it back to Apple (assuming it's still under warranty).

As for exploding batteries, that's Sony's problem, and it's happened in both Dells and Apples. All I can say is, I hope that we're one of the lucky ones :).


I'm having the same problem too and the only thing that noise would stop is when you close the laptop or shut it down but its weird because before this fan noise doesn't happening, mine just started 6 months ago and I'm really really piss off!

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