My Mini started being very slow. I did maintenance with Onyx to fix permissions, clear, etc. I was still running very slow. I noticed I was being shown as being logged in twice. I logged out and rebooted. When it came up all folders on the desktop were gone. The onlhy icons sowing were devices. The desktop folder was also gone. I cannot find it or file/folders that were on rthe desktop.:sad:

Does anyone have a clue what happened so I don't make that mistake again?:mad:


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Did you try repairing disk permissions via Disk Utility (/Applicatiosn/Utilities/)? I don't really know much about Onyx, but hopefully it didn't delete any of your files. You can check by opening the Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities), and then typing the following commands:

cd ~/Desktop

And press the return key after each line. If you see all your files there, your desktop is just messed. If you don't see them there, then maybe you've found a serious bug with Onyx!


Thanks. What I see is a list of current items in my desktop. None of the old ones. Aw *()& I'll just have to rebuild. Yes, I repaired permissions using the MAC utility.

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