I am trying to play foreign films on my dvd player, as well as homemade films(I work for a film festival). These films work fine on actual dvd players, how do I set my dvd player on my PowerMac G4 laptop?

Set? It should work by default. Does the media show up on the desktop when you insert the DVD?

Most DVD drives have a Regional Playback Control or RPC setting. The Pioneer Superdrives usually trigger an OS dialog box for you to choose the Region setting when you first insert a DVD. It is possible that your foreign films were not encoded for "Region 1" (USA & Canada), and will not play on a drive set for Region 1. There are some firmware hacks that _might_ allow you to play discs with other RPC settings on-the-fly, but neither Apple nor Pioneer support them.

Some instructions that came with my unit: "The DVR-109 includes Regional Playback Control(RPC Phase II Mode). Region changes can be made up to five(5) times including the initial setting. Be aware that the fifth(5th) change will be PERMANENT. Therefore, please use caution when changing the region code on the DVR-109."

See this article:

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