Hello Im asking this question for some one so he will be taking up the slack in a couple of days so don't be alrmed.

Ok,we, have a G4 PowerBook superdrive ect.... on a wireless connection(all is good)
We installed VirtualPC(XP) on the MAC but when we launch IE "no connection available.
Steps we approached:
Went into connection settings in XP, did a repair.
Went into VirtualPC chose the other option in connection setting.did not work so we changed them back.

If anyone knows any tips thanks for any replys, for right now I continue googling.

MAC's are awesome!!!!

No experience with VirtualPC but I do have experience with VMWare for linux. Is there like a virtual nic card? NAT? Does Windows XP have an IP?

Nevermind windows has the correct documentaion on the issue.