(powerbook G4 10.2.8)

it appears my DiskImageMounter.app has gone missing, i have been informed that this is near impossible to delete.

it should be locted in the core services file and it does not appear there?!?! without this i am unable to download anything with the extension .dmg

i have used finder to locate this, but with no success! i do not have the install disc of 10.2.8 to do a re-install.

if someone where to copy DiskImageMounter.app running version 10.2.8 and email me it would this solve the problem?

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Open up disk utilities, and do a permissions scan on your hard drives. It is possible that your permissions are out - of - whack, preventing you from using the program. You can also do a disk repair while you are there.

Let us know how it works.


I have found out that what you use on 10.2.0 - 10.2.8 is called 'Disk Copy' to mount downloads.

My Utilities Folder seems to have removed itself (probably via me) so the 10.2.0 version 'Disk copy' is no longer on my machine. All im left with is the 'Disk copy 6.3.3' from OS 9 classic and that wont allow me to download and mount anything, stating it is an unknown file format.

so it looks like i need to buy a new copy of 10.2 or upgrade to 10.3??? unless theres a way of downloading a similar .app to 'disk copy' that will mount via "disk copy 6.3.3" and be able to use from then on?!?!?!?

thanks for such quick responses.

problem solved!

copied utilites from my mac at work also running 10.2.8

everything is downloading fine now!

thanks for all your help!


Thank you for coming back and telling us how you solved it. That was my next suggestion... to find it somewhere else and copy it over.


I'm in exactly the same situation only worse.
I bought a used i-mac which seems to have the Disk mounter missing, so 'no' system disk. Is there a place where I can download the softwere for the mounter from?


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