does the ibook g4 have a built in dvd burner or can you install a program to burn dvd. without external dvd burnerif anyone can answer that question please respond


I think the iBook G4 has the option of having a DVD burner in it. Depends what you have in there... I think there were options to go with a Super drive or a combo drive.

If you have the standard combo drive, then it is a DVD-ROM / CD-RW

If you have the Super Drive, then you do have a DVD-R / CD-RW drive that you can make your own DVD's.

If you only have the ROM version, then you can look for USB or Firewire DVD-R units if you so need them.



The current model iBook has combo drive standard for all 3 models, but I think the Super Drive is available only on the 2 14" models

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