I use a Mac; however, I downloaded an avi file that uses the Indeo 4 (IV41) codec which is unavailable for Macs.

Do you know of a software program that can convert the file (re-encode? if that's the proper term...) to another codec that will allow me to view the file?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Try using VLC player, it supports most of the known format, I have encountered very few video files which it couldn't play. So give it a try ;)

A quick google search turned up this; if VLC player doesn't work you may want to try mplayer.


Quick Solution:
Windows Users:
1. Type iv5setup.exe or iv5play.exe in your favorite search engine (we have one copy mirrored here)
2. Purchase it from Ligos ($15)
3. Play the file with QuickTime Player prior to version 7.5.5 *
QuickTime 7.5.0 (Windows XP, Vista)
QuickTime 7.1.6 (Windows 2000)
QuickTime 6.5.2 (Windows 98, Me)
QuickTime 5.0.2 (Windows 95)
* Additional plugins may be needed for Indeo 4 or 5 playback - see at the end of this post.
Mac Users: Use MPlayer OS X http://mplayerosx.sourceforge.net/
may also need the binary codecs package http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html#binary_codecs
For older versions of Mac OS (9 and below), see next post.

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