I have iMac G5 1.8GHz 10.3.9 OSX and I would like to upgrade to Tiger Version.I have also a PowerBook G5 with Tiger.Can I use the same installation disks to upgrade my iMac and how to make it.
Should I reinstall all my programms (music,audio applications,softwares etc.?)Or is it possible without it.

Many thanks in advance



You *can* use the disks, but that would be illegal, unless you purchased Apple's family pack licensing to allow the disks legal permission to be used on more than one computer. If not, then Apple expects you to use the disks only one one computer. Think of it this way: if you did not purchase a volume license arrangement, then one set of disks per computer.

As for what to do....

I would save all my data off, and then format the drive clean, and then install the new OS. This gets rid of old settings and perhaps hidden conversion issues. Yes, a number of people do the upgrade, and it works for them, but think of upgrade time as cleaning out all the old non-used programs, and as a fresh start to computing. Then, after you install the OS, re-install your software.

Going the clean way will take you longer in the short term, but should prevent problems developing down the road.


Also if the install disk you are talking about is the restore disk that comes with a new Powerbook, as opposed to a boxed copy off the shelf, it won't work.

The Restore disks are designed product specific. So a Powerbook System Restore Disk won't work in the iMac.

Besides it being illegal, I don't beleive you can use those installer CDs/DVDs to install on a different computer type anymore. They've long since started checking for that stuff.