I'm running Snow Leopard OSX 10.6.6 and some how or other I seem to have downloaded "CleanMyMac"
inadvertently. Can anyone tell me how to remove this program, in detail, please.

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As far as am aware it is as simple as right clicking the icon in the applications folder and selecting move to trash. you can find this in FINDER >applications incase you are unsure how to get right click as i don't know what type of mac you are using you can hold the control button and just click trackpad or mouse.

hope this helps

Cleanmymac helps you mac to load things more faster. I am not sure whether you want to delete it away. But if you want just go to your application folder. You can also go to application by pressin command, shift, A. Press the above 3 buttons and you the applications folder will appear. just scroll down until you found the application you want to delete. Click on the application one time and press command, delete. The application will be moved in to your trash. go to your thrash which is at the right side of your dock. Go and empty your trash and the application will disappear.

Hope my suggestion helps. You can also just go to application and drag cleanmymac into the trash and empty it

Yes, you can drag it to the trash and not worry about it. There are other components or files associated with the application. There is a plst file. This holds all on the preferences of the application so that it will be set up the same every time you launch the app and there is another related folder in application support. Both of these files are small and do not pose any weight on your system. Both of these files are in your user library file. I do not recommend touching this folder as you can corrupt your account. It will not hurt leaving them there. In future, there are apps that will remove associated files of an app. Hazel and appzapper come to mind.

To hercx, royng and macmad. Thank you all for the clear and detailed instructions. It was great.

One thing regarding the Trash bin, thinking I was doing a more secure clean out if I did a
"Secure Empty Trash" but doing that a drop down appeared saying, 'This Operation can't be Completed because the item CleanMyMac is in use". On going back to the Trash Bin the item was still there.
Did a simple "Empty Trash" and removed the item successfully.
The thing is, am I doing the wrong thing by using "Secure Empty Trash" and if so what is that used for?

Empty trash removes the file name from the disk catalogue. The data of the file is still intact. Secure empty trash will write patterns where the data of the file is located also. This prevents anyone from retrieving the file after it has been deleted, hence secure empty trash.

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