I hope this is the right place to request help with the error message:
"Verify volume failed with error Could not unmount disk"
I use a Mac OS X/10.4.11/Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5/ 7 GB DDR2 2SDRAM.
Software is fully updated.
The computer has two internal disks and an external 1.5 TB FreeAgent Seagate.
The Disk Utility showed that only one of the two internal disks could be repaired.
I receive the "Verify volume failed with error Could not unmount disk" for the second internal disk
and the external Seagate as well.
I teach moviemaking and my students' work is on the external disk.
Using the format option would destroy irreplaceable data and hours upon hours of my students'
meticulous work.
These are final projects, to be presented for graduation evaluation.
Atlex2 on Aug 7th, 2008 wrote 'If you need the data I can give you some pointers'.
I am desperate.
I need step-by-step instructions to help me out.
Sally Syrose

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Hi Sally -

If I were in your shoes, I would take the external drive to another Mac and see if it can be mounted there. IF it can be mounted, I would then IMMEDIATELY copy the student's projects onto another drive before doing anything else.

I can't believe how many people still fail to make backups of their backups.

If the information you are storing is valuable, then make more than one extra copy of it. The question is not IF your hard drive will fail - it's WHEN will your hard drive fail.

No matter what you wind up doing, do NOT format the disk.

Typically when this error message is encountered, it is because there are files that are 'open' on the disk. The state of a file being 'open' or 'closed' is actually a series of bits that the computer uses to identify the current 'state' of the file.

If a file is flagged as 'open' then the drive cannot be unmounted.

Sometimes, restarting the computer can cause the operating system to 'close' the 'open' files and things can get back to normal.

If restarting the computer still results in files that are marked as 'open' then you may need to start your computer from your MacOS X Install disk and run the Disk Utility from there to repair the drives.

I hope this helps - and best of luck recovering your students' work -

Tried backing up your file in another hard drive in case one of them crash and you can't recover your data. Follow davidchilders suggestion. Do not reformat your hard drive as it will erase all data in it. Close all folder or files you are running and try mounting your disk again. tried to take precaution as the data in your hard drive is important. tried copying into to another workable hard drive. if not you a thumbdrive unless the files size is not too big. Reply quickly

It sound like the mac lost power or was abruptly turn off. This will leave files in the "open" state. Don't panic, I am confident that your data still exists. This is where having an administrator account besides your working account comes in handy. Create an account with administrator privileges and make sure that there is nothing active in the account, everything from your moviemaking software to a mail account and everything in between. You should be able to mount and repair your drives from this account. it sounds like it is time to invest in a new HD strictly for backup, maybe another Seagate.
Good luck on your teaching, I have been EBD (Elected By Default) to help out students at an elementary school into making movie clips. Its nice to teach them when they are so young. They are like sponges and are a treat to teach.

Tried charging your mac and mounting the disk again. I am not sure whether it helps but it won't harm in doing so. I agree with macmad. Is your current account an administrator. If not i recommend you to create an administrator account, as a lot of settings you want to change require a administrator password. Also follow macmad advise and have a hard disk for backup only. I would reommend sea gate, check whether the hard disk is compatible with mac first

If your problem is solved can you please mark the thread as solved. You can do that by going to the bottom. Thanks, i appreciate it.

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